Mayapur Dham

Introduction of Mayapur

Mayapur, earlier in 18th century was known as Ballaldighi was explored by Sri Bhaktivinod Thakur. Out of 9 islands of Nawadip, Mayapur is called as Antardvipa (i.e Aatma Nivedenam). It is situated along the holy bank of river Ganga and other part of the Sri Mayapur is along with holy river Jalangi. Jalangi is also known as river Yamuna which is stated in Krsna vrindavan lila. This is the place where 5 rivers Alaknanda, Mandakini, Yamuna, Manasi Ganga, & Sarasvati confluence with GangaSo there is a maha sangam of this holy rivers at the place of Mayapur known as Panchaveni and who ever take bath in that spot is said to get transcendental bliss and Krsna prem. In Sri Krsna lila, Srimati Radha Rani has created the Mayapur dham for the pleasure of Lord Krsna and its pure devotees.

Lord Chaitnya Mahaprabhu

Mayapur is mainly known for the birth place of Sri Lord Chaitnya Mahaprabhu who is the incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna in the mood of Shrimati Radha Rani in 14th century, 18th February 1486. Lord Chaitnya is also known as Gauranga or Gaura due to his fair complexion. His another name is also called as “Nimai” as he took birth under the neem tree. Currently the place is called as YOGAPITH. His original name was Vishambhar Mishra. He is the most merciful manifestation of Lord Krishna who appeared in the age of kali to deliver the degraded conditioned souls. Chaitnya Mahaprabhu’s father was known as Jagannath Mishra and Sachi mata was his mother. He is a spiritual teacher and guru of Gaudya Vaishnav Sampradiya who taught the art of Bhakti Yoga in the age of Kali.

Attractive places to visit in Shree Mayapur


    • Shree Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir

    • Yogapith

    • Srivasa Angan and Khol-Banga-Danga

    • Advaita-Bhavan and Gadadhara-Bhavan

    • Ballal-Dighi (Prithu Kunda), Laxmana Sena’s Place

    • Gaura-Nityananda Mandir (Nandana Acarya’s House)

    • Sridhara Aangan

    • Murari Gupta’s House

    • Caitanya Math

Prime Festivals in Shree Mayapur

Generally, festivals, as celebrated in Mayapur throughout the year such as Jagannath Rathyatra, Radhastami, Narashimha chaturdashi etc but the main festival which is celebrated in Shree Mayapur, is Gaur Poornima on the occasion of Lord Chaitanya’s birthday in a more jubilant way where thousands of devotees throughout the world assemble together to celebrate lords birthday. The day generally falls on the month of February-March. During that period devotees do parikrama to all the 9 Navadip islands which is continued till one week. Many Senior Vaishnava’s, Achrays, Maharajas and bhaktas together do the parikrama which is full of opulence and transcendental bliss. During the parikrama devotees do drama of lord’s pastimes in different parikrama places, sing kirtan and dance in ecstasy followed by lord’s merciful prasadam. This is a festival where devotees can get the association of all the pure Vaishnav’s and Maharajas.

Along with the Navadip parikrama, shravan mela and kirtan mela is also being conducted to get transcendental recharge of the devotees throughout the year.


Realization in Shree Mayapur Dham

Realization in Mayapur is the highest realization more than Vrindavan as Mayapur is the top most adobe than Vrindavan in the spiritual world. Mayapur is said to be in Audariya Bhav means here any one can get mercy very easily by the grace of Lord Chaitnya Mahaprabhu. Feeling of separation from Krsna is realized more due to transcendental mercy of Shrimati Radha Rani.

It is said that if Vrindavan Dham is Lotus flower then the center of the Lotus flower is Mayapur Dham.


So it is requested to all the devotees and who all are going to be devotees, please come and visit Shree Mayapur Dham and realize at once the nectar of Holy name.


Iskcon Youth Forum also conducts the Yatra every year in month of Feb-March. Those who are interested please contact : Kalpa Vrishka Das , 9910437970


Hari Bol……Nitai Gaur Prema anande…… Hari Hari Bol.

Chaitnya Mahaprabhupad ki Jai…..