1) To establish a favorable environment for students to practice Krishna conscious principles seriously without affecting their school or college studies, without the negative influences of society.

2) To establish a group of spiritually strong students who are genuine practitioners and representatives of Sanatana Dharma (Krishna Consciousness) who will be leaders of tomorrow guiding the society in spiritual life like beacon lights.

3) To train students in the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness, its universal applicability especially to the present-day generation, its profound depth along with logic and reasons.

4) To develop personality and build a character of students based on the divine qualities taught in Bhagavad-Gita to give real meaning to their lives, to live a God-Centered life of purity and dedication with love and trust amongst one another.

5) To identify the talents in students, bring out their creativity and dovetail their talents for the service and glorification of the lord.

6) To render the noblest service of “GYANA DAAN” distributing the sublime message of Vedas through spiritual books distribution at subsidized prizes for students.

7) To train students to scientifically present Krishna Consciousness philosophy through all possible mediums of communications – books, notes video-audio cassettes, OHP presentations, slide shows, dramas, charts, pictures, magazines, e-mails, etc.

8) To teach how to practice the sublime pure love of God, this is the real goal of life, which alone can situate every living being back in his constitutional position of being the eternal servant of God in the kingdom of God.