Vrindavan Dham is located 145 Kms south of Delhi and 55 Kms north of Agra, It is just off the Delhi-Agra express way. It is at a 14 km or half an hour Taxi ride from Mathura. It has a very good atmosphere with narrow streets in most of the places. Vrindavan is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna and is one from the 12 forests of Vraja, with more than 5000 temples. It is also known as “The City of Temples”.

Radhanath Swami describes in his autobiography “The Journey Home” how it is a great delightful treat for the ears and the soul to hear thousands of bells and gongs ringing simultaneously across Vrindavan as the Aaratis (worship of the Lord by offering incense, ghee lamps etc.) are being performed in these temples during morning and evening hours. Most prominent amongst these are the temples built by the six Goswamis of Vrindavan such as the temples of Radha Madanmohan, Radha Govinda and Radha Gopinath. Many of these temples are masterpieces of elegant architectural design and exquisite stonework. Also, if you are looking to buy some nice devotional paraphernalia to worship your deities, a big market of the name Loi Bazaar is there in the middle of the downtown area.

It is also said that Vrindavan is a replica of supreme Goloka Vrndavana in the spiritual sky. In all over India, the eighty-four-square-mile tract of land is considered to be the most sacred place of pilgrimage because Krishna sported in it, and many devotees still linger there in ecstasy in search of Krishna and His childhood associates.

Srila Prabhupada has explained that “It is not that such devotees meet Krishna face to face in that tract of land, but a devotee’s eagerly searching after Krishna is as good as his seeing him personally. How is this? Cannot be explained, but it is factually realized by those who are pure devotees of the Lord.” Because Krishna, His name, form, pastimes and remembrance are all on the absolute plane, to search for Him at Vrindavan in pure God consciousness gives more pleasure to the devotees than seeing Him face to face.” The Brahma-samhita (5.38) confirms that those devotees whose eyes are anointed with the pulp of love always see the eternal form of Shyamasundar within their hearts.In Vrndavana the effulgent ground is fashioned with many millions of very wonderful colourful cintamani jewels, the trees and vines are full of blissful spiritual fruits and flowers, the birds make a great tumult by reciting the hymns of the Sama Veda, and the lakes and streams are filled with transcendental nectar. May my heart meditate on Vrndavana in this way.


Many of the important places of pastimes of Lord Sri Krishna such as Kaliya Ghat, Chir Ghat, Shringar Vata, Keshi Ghat, Raman Reti, and Seva Kunja are situated in this town. In fact, the temples of the six Goswamis also lie in the Vrindavan town. One cannot really enter Vrindavan simply by flying in by plane or by any other type of motor vehicle, or even by foot. One can enter Vrindavan only in a state of consciousness of deep humility and appreciation.

Akrura’s journey to Vrindavan is ideal for a devotee aspiring to go to Vrindavan.

  • When Akrura was on his way to Sri Vrindavan his heart was trembling with eagerness for the darshan of Krishna and Balaram.
  • His mind was immersed intensely in remembering the Lord’s names, pastimes and especially hoping for the Lord’s mercy.
  • In this way by the time he actually came to the precincts of Vrindavan, he was so very much fertile in his heart to receive mercy.
  • When he saw the trees and flowers, the creepers of the forest, he was not thinking that OK these are nice trees, he was actually in spiritual ecstasy and when he saw the lotus footprints of Lord Sri Krishna in the soft sands, he literally fell from his chariot and rolled in the dust, weeping tears of joy.

With such intensity one should approach Sri Vrindavan. Then one can have darshan of Nandanandan Shri Krishna performing His eternal pastimes in Vrindavan.

What Shastra’s say about Vrindavan:

  • Prabodhananda Sarasvati Sri Vrndavana-mahimamrta has said that “Vrndavana is illuminated by numberless moons of spiritual bliss. It is cooled by the sweet nectar of spiritual love and it is filled with desire trees and many hosts of madly cooing birds. Whose heart will not run to Sri Sri Radha-Krsna, who enjoy eternal transcendental pastimes in that Vrindavan.”

  • Nectar of Devotion Ch. 16 it is given that “Wherever one may be, one must always think about life in Vraja-dhama and about following in the footsteps of a particular devotee in the service of the Lord.”

  • Vrndavana, any person may go there, and even if he is sinful he will at once contact an atmosphere of spiritual life, and automatically chant the names of Krsna and Radha. (Srimad Bhagavatam, 3.20.4 purport)

  • Lord Varaha tells the men of earth, “Any person who becomes attracted to places other than Mathura will certainly be captivated by the illusory energy.” (Nectar of Devotion Ch.12)

  • If one somehow or other gets the opportunity to live in Vrndavana, and if one is not a pretender but simply lives in Vrndavana and concentrates his mind upon Krsna, one is liberated from material bondage. (Srimad Bhagavatam 9.19.19 purport)

  • In the Brahmanda Purana it is said that all the results of traveling on all the pilgrimages within the three worlds can be achieved simply by touching the holy land of Mathura. (Nectar of Devotion Ch. 12)

  • If we live in Vrndavana, we are living with Krsna, because Vrndavana is nondifferent from Krsna (Vrindavan Days, page 51)

  • How wonderful it is that simply by residing in Mathura even for one day, one can achieve a transcendental loving attitude toward the Supreme Personality of Godhead! (Nectar of Devotion Ch. 12)

  • Actually, if someone goes to Vrndavana, he will immediately feel separation from Krsna, who performed such nice activities when He was present there. (Nectar of Devotion Ch. 18)

  • In our Krsna consciousness movement we invite all the elderly persons of the world to come to Vrndavana and stay there in retired life, making advancement in spiritual consciousness (Srimad-Bhagavatam 7.5.5 purport)

  • In a holy place like Vrndavana…. If one gets the chance to hear from pure devotees …then the cultivation of Krsna consciousness becomes very easy. (Srimad-Bhagavatam 4.29.39-40 purport)

  • “Yes, that effect [of living in Vrndavana and being so close to Krsna] cannot be overestimated. At every turn, you are reminded of Krishna here, and your spiritual strenght increases due to that contact.” (Vrindaban Days, page 47)

  • Cultivating Krsna consciousness in Vrndavana is the best means of being liberated from material bondage, for in Vrndavana one can automatically meditate upon Krsna. (Srimad Bhagavatam upon Krsna. 9.19.19 purport)

  • When Krsna descends to the material world, this same Vrndavana descends just as an entourage accompanies an important personage. Therefore devotees take shelter of the Vrndavana in India, for it is considered to be a replica of the original Vrndavana. (Caitanya-caritamrta Adi, Introduction)

  • Krsna appears in this material world at the end of the Dvapara age of the twenty-eighth catur-yuga of Vaivasvata Manu and brings with Him His Vrajadhama, which is the eternal abode of His highest pastimes. (Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi 4.50, purport)

ISKCON Youth Forum Noida also organizes Vrindavan Retreat every year in which approx. 150 devotees participate including college student and working boys.

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