BACE is known as Bhaktivedanta Academy of Cultural & Education, At present, there is a total of four BACE functional in Noida. The BACE devotees are conducting many group programs at various locations of Noida to help the intellectual youths to understand and practice Pure Krishna Consciousness as per Srila Prabhupada teachings


By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, Today we all have a spiritual platform available to every corner of this world for saving ourselves from distress and anxieties of this material world.Today in every country and city we find a place where the whole world can live peacefully and happily.


In fact, now Iskcon leaders have made it more approachable for all fallen souls. Across India, the IYF (Iskcon Youth Forum) is establishing BACE (Bhaktivedanta Academy Of Cultural Education).

These BACES are small temples which are located across the cities and towns. BACE is the place where the college students and working youths live together and follow temple schedule while performing their prescribed duties daily. In BACE they have one study room, common kitchen, bedding and deities altar. By living in the BACE youth practices bhakti yoga and simultaneously doing their studies or jobs. Most of the BACE are located nearby colleges. Here the devotees conduct preaching programs, festivals and courses like stress management, controlling the mind, personality development etc. By their behaviors and activities, they attract youth to participate in this movement and bring happiness in the society.In Delhi/NCR there are more than 40 BACE are running where several students are participating. The students have been accepted in the society and highly appreciated too. In colleges, the professors and college staff appreciate behavior and qualities of BACE devotees. The transformation has been recognized by the society and few colleges are supporting this movement for inspiring youths.

Today Noida is one of the MNCs hub and quite big industrial area. It’s developing very rapidly and at the same time, Vedic culture from the society is fading. The buildings, supermarkets, big residencies are coming and attracting a lot many people to have their dreams come true. Even who never had such dreams are making their dreams and struggling like hogs and dogs to fulfill them. In this race, people are least bothered about what we are losing. In this part of the city, people are into a rat race where they are struggling for their survival. People are just running and running. On the roads of Noida we hardly find people walking peacefully, everyone is struggling and trying to defeat others. In spite of this great illusion, there is one place where we can find happiness, humility, peace, goodness, bliss and purity. That is BACE.

“Nityananda Kutir and Caitanya Kutir is the source of bliss and happiness in Noida City”

At the entrance, there is a beautiful temple of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Ji. After seeing the beautiful and cheerful face of Krishna then looking at the cheerful faces of devotees is really soothing and blissful. The devotees are so cheerful and respective that you cannot stop your self-paying obeisance’s to them. Every single devotee possesses different qualities. There is so much to learn and take back home. Everyone use their expertise for the pleasure of Shri Krishna and Vaishnava’s. In BACE you find devotees from a different culture, state, and education. Even different in the languages. But still, they live peacefully with Full Corporation. Rules and regulations are most welcomed and they follow them easily without putting a lot of efforts. Everything happens automatically. Whenever we try to do anything regulated we convince our mind n number of times and still most of the time fail to do so. But here all rules are followed easily with bliss and happiness. We feel joy doing everything there what we hardly do at home. We really feel that we have reached to our real home Vaikuntha Lok. Where Krishna is centralized and we all are serving him together. In several lectures, we hear from devotees that if our all activities are centralized Krishna then we can always remain in the trans of happiness. We are conditioned and abide by the law of karmas. It’s very difficult learning things just by hearing. Unless we have any demonstration or live to example its very hard accepting things. By the mercy of devotees, we have live examples around us in the form of BACE to see what happens when we centralize Krishna and how can we keep Krishna center in our all activities.

We would suggest everyone visit at least once BACE and make your memorable moment.

Nityananda Kutir BACE
Sector -52 Noida For more Information contact: – Jagadananda Pandit Das – 9711562616


Sector – 41, Noida For more Information contact: – Jagadananda Pandit Das – 9711562616

Chaitanya Kutir BACE

Sector – 50, Noida For more Information contact: – Kalpa Vrishka Das – 9910437970

Sankirtan BACE

Sector -62, Noida For more Information contact: – Kalpa Vrishka Das – 9910437970


New Sankirtan BACE Extension event report